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Are you looking for ways to maximize your property’s value while gaining extra living space? An ADU Design and Build may be the best solution for you. Also known as granny flats, backyard cottages, or mother-in-law suites, an ADU offers flexible square footage to expand your home in versatile ways.

As one of the premier ADU contractors in Santa Clara, Nailed It Builders has helped many homeowners just like you bring their ADU visions to life. We have extensive experience managing all phases of the ADU construction process, from conception to completion. Whether you want a detached studio, attached senior suite, garage conversion, or basement unit – our expert team of architects, designers, and builders can guide you every step of the way.

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Types of ADU Design and Build We Specialize In

Here are some common types of ADUs we specialize in as ADU contractors:

      • Detached ADU: A separate building located on the same lot provides more privacy and different design options.
      • Attached ADU: Internal units added to existing structures offer convenient connections to main home systems.
      • Garage Conversion: Transform existing garages into legal living spaces with full kitchen and bath amenities.
      • Basement ADU: Underground units add square footage without increasing the home footprint.
      • Junior ADU (JADU): Interior unit contained entirely within the existing home footprint.

Our detail-oriented designers love collaborating with clients on crafting uniquely functional living spaces. We leverage 3D modeling to visualize layouts, refine ideas, and ensure code compliance before construction begins. This thorough planning process empowers you to make informed decisions as the project evolves.

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Benefits of Building an ADU

There are many advantages to incorporating an ADU on your property. As ADU Builders Bay Area, we’ve seen firsthand how building an ADU can enhance livability and add value to the property.

An ADU provides independent living spaces for multi-generational families, guests, long-term tenants, or even extra rental income if desired. They also offer a useful home office, art studio, or gym for personal use.

Financially, building an ADU can increase your home’s worth substantially, while the additional housing unit allows property tax savings through the Granny Flat Law.

      • Rental income, offsets costs
      • Extra space, no expansion. 
      • Useful office, studio, gym.
      • Independent living. Families, guests, tenants.
      • Nearby family, private space.
      • Increases home value. Tax savings.

As one of the top ADU contractors in Santa Clara, Nailed It Builders has helped countless homeowners realize the benefits of accessory dwelling units. Contact us today to discuss your ADU design-build project.

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Our ADU Build Process

Detached ADU - Nailed It Builders

The ADU design-build process at Nailed It Builders follows these straightforward steps:

      • Initial consultation to understand homeowner needs and a site assessment
      • Concept design and refinement through 3D modeling
      • Planning/permitting applications and approval management
      • Detailed plans and engineering as required
      • Construction through to completion
      • Handover and documentation

Our Expertise in Accessory Dwelling Unit Construction

With years of experience as premier ADU builders in Santa Clara County, we have constructed all types of accessory dwelling units. As an ADU contractor, we keep current on the latest design trends and building code requirements specific to ADUs. Whether you’re looking for a simple conversion or a custom-designed livable space, our team brings extensive expertise in ADU planning, permitting, and construction to ensure your project is completed on schedule and on budget.


Maximizing space efficiently is key to building an accessory dwelling unit on budget. As one of the leading ADU contractors in Santa Clara, we have streamlined processes for purchasing materials in bulk and a fast project turnaround. Using rigid budgets and scheduling from the start, we deliver high-quality construction without budget overruns. The value gained also offsets upfront costs through future rent potential or property value increases – yielding a worthwhile investment.

Why Choose Nailed It Builders?

As an established general contractor with decades of experience in new construction and renovation, you can trust Nailed It Builders to handle any scale of ADU design-build project. We stand behind our work with excellence in craftsmanship, attention to detail, and timely completions. Talk to us today about how we can help you transform your property’s potential through the versatile solution of an accessory dwelling unit!

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Contact Nailed It Builders today for professional ADU builders in Santa Clara at 408-550-1478 or through our website. Let our team of professionals bring your room ADU construction to life through thoughtful planning and premium craftsmanship.

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