Home Remodeling Advice: Dos and Don’ts to Consider for Your Project

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Last Updated: February 18th, 2024

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Whether you’re hoping to update an outdated space or completely transform your home’s layout, remodeling can be an exciting project. However, it’s important to carefully consider various dos and don’ts to help ensure your project goes smoothly. As a trusted home remodeling company, we at Nailed It Builders want to provide you with home remodeling advice to help your project be a success.

Home Remodeling Advice #1: Do Hire a Professional Remodeling Contractor

One of the most significant DOs is to hire a professional remodeling contractor in Saratoga, CA. Remodeling involves demolition, construction skills, permitting, and inspections that licensed contractors are trained for. Unless you have extensive remodeling experience yourself, it’s best to hire the pros.

Contractors have the expertise to navigate the entire process efficiently while meeting all applicable codes and standards. They can also spot potential issues and advise on solutions. This helps minimize surprises, delays, and costly mistakes down the road. As a full-service home remodeling company, we have the skilled team and experience to handle any project safely and smoothly.

Home Remodeling Advice #2: Don’t Underestimate Costs

A common, yet critical, mistake is underestimating costs. It’s easy to get excited about design ideas without fully considering all associated costs like materials, labor, permits, and fees. Be sure to get detailed estimates upfront from reliable contractors that cover every aspect of the project. Also, plan for contingencies since unforeseen issues often come up. Look at current material costs and factor in potential price increases.

As the contractor, we do thorough takeoffs and provide transparent estimates to help set appropriate budgets and expectations from the start.

Home Remodeling Advice #3: Do Get Several Competitive Bids

Getting multiple competitive bids, including ours, is another important home remodeling DO. This helps ensure you’re comparing accurate scopes of work and proposals from qualified professionals. Ask contractors detailed questions and thoroughly review bids line by line. Check references too.

Going with the lowest bid isn’t always best if other proposals include upgrades or solutions not accounted for. Take your time evaluating to truly identify the right fit based on experience, communication, work quality, warranties, and estimated completion dates.

Home Remodeling Advice #4: Don’t Skip Permits or Inspections

Skipping permits and inspections is a big no-no that should be avoided. Permits document the work being done and allow inspections to verify code compliance for safety. They also provide you with protection if issues arise down the road.

Inspectors can catch non-compliant areas, so problems don’t worsen and code violations are avoided. The permitting process itself is quick and effortless for our licensed team. We handle all paperwork, fees, and scheduling to make permitting a stress-free part of any job.

Home Remodeling Advice #5: Do Consider Resale Value

For home remodeling projects, doing renovations that increase resale value should be a priority. Updates like new kitchens and bathrooms almost always provide high returns. Energy-efficient features also provide ongoing savings. But aim for timeless styles that won’t date the home. Maintain architectural integrity as well.

We work with designers to create custom spaces tailored to your budget and lifestyle that enhance value. Functionality, aesthetics, and materials are elevated carefully each step of the way.

Home Remodeling Advice #6: Don’t Cut Corners on Quality Materials

Cutting corners on materials to save money is not advisable and may require expensive repairs down the line. Cheap materials usually don’t last as long or provide much satisfaction. Quality materials stand the test of time, retain their integrity and value, and reduce ongoing maintenance. For example, fiber cement siding, composite decking, and granite countertops hold up well through weather extremes, requiring little maintenance. While cost is a factor, don’t sacrifice the heart of the remodel for less expensive substitutes. We help clients make informed choices based on needs, beauty, and a long-lasting return on investment.

Home Remodeling Advice #7: Do Plan for Disruptions

Home remodeling often means temporary disruptions to daily life. Successful projects require planning around these disruptions. For example, deciding if major appliances or fixtures will be removed. Prepare for noise, dust, and restricted access to remodeled spaces while work is underway. Communicate schedules clearly with contractors. Allow sufficient time for each phase so contractors aren’t rushed. Our team works efficiently yet is never hurried to compromise quality. We also coordinate schedules and demolition to minimize disruptions to client lifestyles as much as possible.

Home Remodeling Advice #8: Don’t Overlook Important Systems

It’s easy to get caught up in cosmetic renovations, but critical systems like electrical panels, plumbing, and HVAC installations shouldn’t be overlooked. Remodeling provides an ideal time to upgrade these, especially if they are original to the home. New systems bring energy savings, improved functionality, and enhanced property value relative to age.

We comprehensively analyze entire homes to advise on needed infrastructure improvements at the onset for the most seamless integration. System upgrades help future-proof homes and reduce maintenance in the long term.

Home Remodeling Advice #9: Do Choose a Design You’ll Love

While trends come and go, selecting a timeless design you truly love is key for a remodeling investment. Consider how you currently use and envision using each space. Involve as many family members as possible in the visioning process. Choose finishes and fixtures, and flow thoughtfully rather than following the latest fads.

Work with designers who understand your individualized style. We take the time to understand clients on a personal level and create customized, cohesive schemes that align with their long-term preferences and needs.

Home Remodeling Advice #10: Don’t Ignore Regular Maintenance After Remodeling

After investing time, money, and effort into a home remodeling project, it’s essential to maintain the newly improved spaces properly. Regular maintenance ensures that your investment continues to look great and function optimally for years to come. Ignoring maintenance after remodeling can lead to issues like wear and tear, water damage, or structural problems, which may require costly repairs in the future.

Create a maintenance schedule that includes tasks such as cleaning, inspecting for leaks or damages, and servicing critical systems like HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. Also, educate yourself on how to care for specific materials used in your remodeling project, such as granite countertops or hardwood floors.


Hiring qualified professionals, planning thoroughly, setting proper budgets and expectations, focusing on quality materials and resale value, coordinating with systems, and developing personalized designs are important DOs for home remodeling success. Skipping permits, underestimating costs, cutting corners, and overlooking infrastructure are don’ts to avoid surprises and ensure remodeling joy for years to come. Starting any project with the right mindset makes all the difference. I hope our home remodeling advice on Do’s and Don’ts will help you understand how your Saratoga general contractor can better manage your construction project.